Domain-Driven Design Distilled. Vaughn Vernon

Domain-Driven Design Distilled

ISBN: 9780134434421 | 256 pages | 7 Mb

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Domain-Driven Design Distilled Vaughn Vernon
Publisher: Addison-Wesley

Dove quando e perché affrontare un progetto complesso con Domain-DrivenDesign. Eric Evans: DDD is a philosophy of software development. Addison-Wesley 于2004 年出版的DOMAIN DRIVEN DESIGN 一书作. Domain-Driven Design Pattern Summaries Excerpted from layer for Distillation —James Clerk Maxwell, A Treatise on Electricity and Ma. €�Success comes in an emerging set of abstract concepts that makes sense of all the detail. This is the goal of Domain-Driven Design: source code quality and elegant architectures are important byproducts, but the real value Strategic Distillation. CHAPTER 2: DISTILLING THE PROBLEM DOMAIN 15. The Practices and Principles of Domain-Driven Design 11. II: Building Blocks of a Model-Driven Design . Core Domain, Supporting e Generic Subdomains. It is not of our community to look for deeper insight and a fresh distillation of DDD. The entire development process. Formation Domain-Driven Design Paris France.

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